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How To Use Yawns In A Sentence?

  • Here the walls recede somewhat, and a pit nearly 15 feet deep yawns before the explorer.
  • The Rover goes to the landing-place and scans the gulf that yawns between him and his vessel.
  • Father yawns, puts down his newspaper; yawns once more and stretches; then goes on reading.
  • Again its back yawns wide open, and from the rent our Dragon fly slowly emerges.
  • Immediately, a gulf yawns deeper than could be caused by any confession of religious or moral eccentricity.
  • Oh, very gloomy is this House of Woe, Where yawns are numerous while Big Ben is knelling.
  • He that yawns widest, and at the same time so naturally as to produce the most yawns amongst his spectators, carries home the cheese.
  • If a cat yawns near you on Hallowe'en, be alert and do not let opportunity slip by you.
  • What had been, ever since our memory, solid continent, yawns apart, and discloses its composition and genesis.
  • The gulf that yawns between us is impassable!' and Eadgyth's shoulders shook with an irrepressible shudder.
  • The gap which yawns for ordinary thought between animate and inanimate, between nature and spirit, between man and God, does not baffle the poet.
  • Thus between the old order of things and the new yawns an abyss which has to be crossed before we can worst our enemies even in the military campaign which is but one phase of the world-struggle.
  • Where yawns the grave for ship and sailor, I drove my ship to craggy rock, But not was watery grave my lot.
  • Where the Fraser River canyon yawns its pathway to the sea, But half the world has shouldered up between its song and me.
  • Rudely-arched windows admit light at either end, one of them having cusped openings; while a ruined fireplace yawns in the centre of the opposite wall.
  • There were in truth some very pretty women in that salon, and they would have been still more so if, instead of the yawns which they strove to dissemble, their faces had been enlivened by pleasure.
  • Lucine turned her head slowly to watch the group of girls wander into the office and light the gas amid a flutter of papers and dressing-gowns mixed with sleepy yawns and tired laughter.
  • This heart filled with fondness Is wounded and weary; A dark gulf beneath it Yawns jet-black and dreary.
  • The struggle is brief, thanks to the trap of the entrance, which yawns like a funnel to receive even a bulky quarry and contracts into a crumbling precipice that paralyses all resistance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Yawns | Yawns Sentence

  • Some yawns were scarcely stifled.
  • Therefore ruin yawns before the nation.
  • So she stifled her yawns and waited.
  • Here yawns no gulf to quench the flowing past!
  • Those yawns came again and again, increasing in violence.
  • The House of my fathers yawns wide to the air.
  • Whereat, yawns of boredom assailed high Heaven.
  • He was just finishing one of those long yawns that babies delight in.
  • That poor creature has sunk into the gulf which yawns beneath your feet.
  • No one pretended to conceal the blissful yawns that would not be denied.
  • Finally came copybooks; and yawns and weird rumblings from Mr. Sandsome.
  • In one place a mountain Is raised; in another A ravine yawns deep!

Definition of Yawns

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of yawn | plural of yawn
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