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  • Another year and it too was full.
  • I had not been in a restaurant for over a year and a half.
  • They only lasted for a year and a half.
  • In little more than a year and a half all was over.
  • Mayor for a year and five months?
  • Let her come in a year and a day.
  • Another year and a half passed by.
  • And this is his second year and what help has he found?
  • He fasted a year and breakfasted on an onion.
  • The wedding lasted for a year and a day.
  • This year and next will be all-important.
  • This year and 1906 were my most successful years.
  • Which no one gave him for a year and a day.
  • The illusion lasted a year and a half.
  • He was emperor one year and seven months.
  • Let it stand a year, and then bottle it.
  • He instituted the year and divided it into twelve months.
  • It became active a year and a half ago.
  • Another year and this second home was also full.
  • Been here about a year, and is universally admired.
  • Hard, after ripening a year and more in brine.
  • She lingered for a year, and then died.
  • They bloomed year by year, and waited.
  • I was in my eighth year, and there was snow on the ground.
  • He always does every year, and it is so dull.
  • We might try it for a year, and then decide.
  • An eruption lasting a year and a half commenced in 1793.
  • So he wanders through the year, and is never satisfied.
  • I cannot starve a year, and ride on horseback too.
  • I waited a year, and wrote the second time.
  • For many a year, and filled my heart with dread.
  • The tax-gatherer comes every year and demands taxes.
  • Been here thirty-five year; and always on the move!
  • Forty thousand a year, and a good old family!
  • He lived on year after year, and became old.

How To Use Year And In A Sentence?

  • I put out three books in a year, and lo!
  • His feast is kept every year, and his day observed.
  • Sterling pass his year and half at Bayswater.
  • Why, he was here last year, and dined with us at the mess.
  • It was a year and a half since Jasper had disappeared.
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