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  • Such each year has been.
  • Yet every year has its winter.
  • Nobody this ten-year has run as long as you.
  • The blithest day of all the year has come.
  • The change within this last year has been great.
  • So a new year has come, the year of joy and home-coming.
  • Nearly a year has passed since that unedifying conversation with my uncle.
  • The enrollment of students for the year has numbered 725 in all grades.
  • This year has been long enough to make over into a dozen ordinary ones.
  • What was not to be found last year has become almost common this summer.
  • My assessment, so far, this year has been seventy-five cents.
  • But the year has been a sobering one, and what used to flash, they bottle up.
  • The old year has nearly passed away, and a new one draws near.
  • But by the third week of October the yellow and sere of the year has come.
  • The year has not lapsed since the hand of Iwa was placed in that of Iemon.

How To Use Year Has In A Sentence?

  • The total number of those added to us within the year has been one hundred and nine.
  • The year has now passed away, and how few, very few, of all our bright hopes have been realized.
  • Over $1,000,000 a year has at times been spent to exterminate them, all to no effect.
  • The past half-year has been one of successful development for the State as a whole.
  • They were different from the two youngsters whose Freshman year has already been recorded.
  • But the past year has made me feel twenty years older, and, frankly, as if my knell had rung.
  • In either case, when a year has elapsed, if you will let me know where you are I will join you.
  • Even the great fast of the year has its peculiar food in the hot cross buns of Good Friday.
  • To-morrow," said one, "we shall fly away, not to return again till a whole year has passed.
  • The year has revolved, and home now from the fray, King Valdemar cometh triumphant and gay.
  • That for the British Empire alone in one year has often exceeded 1,000 vessels, great and small!
  • Every season of the year has its special games suited to the weather and the condition of the ground.
  • Hardly a year has passed since that time that one of us has not made the other a visit of a few days.
  • It is evident to the most casual observer that the past year has been significant in the manifestations of divine guidance and goodness.
  • Almost every year has witnessed some new and daring invasion of the fortress of life with a view to saving it.
  • Since 1865 hardly a year has passed without some important contribution to the sum of knowledge of the vocal mechanism.
  • Each year has also seen a much larger percentage of our local men and women helping out on the programme.
  • Special attention during the past year has been devoted to the guns of smaller calibre, effective against submarines.
  • The average daily attendance in all the schools of the island during the past year has been not more than twenty to twenty-five thousand.
  • Haviland learns that our team this year has lost such and such valuable men; that there are opportunities for a chap with football in him.
  • In every congregation it is reducible to a certainty that, before a year has passed, some will be numbered with the dead.
  • Somehow or other, year after year has flown by, and still we have not got that frame-house we promised ourselves.
  • It comes from the last remaining unknown territory of our star, and this very year has seen that space grow smaller.
  • The Catholic priest informs me that an entire year has passed without the occurrence of death in his parish.
  • A year has elapsed since the curtain went down over the third act; she has just received a letter announcing his arrival safe and sound.
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