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  • And this year will not be like last!
  • This year will be gone before you know it.
  • The result at the end of the year will be better.
  • The salary for the first year will be five hundred.
  • We know that next year will contain 365 days.
  • The year will wear away at this rate, and nothing done.
  • My great travel this year will be to Carlisle.
  • And then my fifty pounds a year Will little gain me.
  • Here the first midges of the year will come to slake their thirst.
  • The census taken this year will bring re-enforcements and continued power.
  • So the hundred a year will be the whole sum of my riches, for I have no aunts.
  • When this reaches you the Old Year will be very near its end.
  • I wonder," she continued, suddenly, "what this year will bring.

How To Use Year Will In A Sentence?

  • How the three held the bridge that year will be told in as few and as stirring words as possible.
  • With that as foundation, the experience of each year will make him a better teacher.
  • We have every reason to believe, that the crop this year will be double that amount.
  • Another year will see the sum completed, which will close the purchase of the land.
  • Year after year will go bye, before it is safe to approach the critical audiences of large cities.
  • I hope the new year will end as quietly as it begins, for I have not a syllable to tell you.
  • Lists of the winners of these various honours from year to year will be found elsewhere in this volume.
  • It is expected that the number in operation at the close of the current fiscal year will reach 8,600.
  • If foodstuffs fall because of a good harvest, it is more likely than not that the next industrial year will be a good year.
  • A keen pair of eyes used upon a single elm in the dooryard for a whole year will surprise and inform the observer.
  • We must not be too precipitate with alterations; living in the old house as it is a year, will settle just what we desire.
  • A child adopted after its second year will not be so likely to have the disease, since most syphilitic children die before this age is reached.
  • It has been estimated that, apart from the provision for officers, forty millions a year will be required for pensions for soldiers and sailors.
  • Even the man with $650 a year will pay, while "plutocrats" with incomes above that figure will be mulcted even more relentlessly.
  • The spirit of inquiry is, however, equally alive; and each year will see minuter detail and a deeper scientific spirit.
  • A town here this year will be a city next year, a danged sight bigger city than Careyville will ever be.
  • Another year will find us financially bankrupt, and the enemy in all probability, in that case, free and fairly afloat by foreign aid.
  • The engravings of the several Art-Unions of this country for the coming year will be from excellent pictures.
  • The proposal to transfer the Lascoreens in this Commandement twice, or at least once a year, will be a good expedient for the reasons stated.
  • It yields us particular pleasure to learn that the productiveness of the revenue of the present year will probably supersede the necessity of any additional tax for the service of the next.
  • Where climatic conditions in the fall of the year will permit air-drying, the cones may be spread out on sheets or blankets where they will be exposed to the sun and wind.
  • The field which is used this year for raising winter grain, will be used next summer for raising summer grain and in the following year will lie fallow.
  • This zone will, after a while, be settled by the friends and employers of free labor, who from year to year will push the southern non-slave district further in.
  • After the fourth or fifth year, two or three baths a week during the colder seasons of the year will be sufficient to keep the skin clean, and properly active.
  • This process of making the soil more soluble, continues while time lasts, and every year will find the soil more soluble than the year before, if there are no opposing actions.
  • A refusal to sustain the President this year will, in their eyes, be read as a refusal to sustain the war and to sustain the efforts of the peace commission.
  • They will, step by step, follow the specialist in his work, will learn something, and in six months or a year will thus be able to occupy independent posts.
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