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  • This had happened years back.
  • Three years back it would be.
  • Twas twenty years back.
  • It was dated three years back.
  • For some few years back we have neglected to send any.
  • Week, some years back.
  • I have never spoken with him this six years back.
  • The document was dated several years back.
  • He left us in a huff two years back.
  • Not as a brother; who cares what people did years back?
  • Mehitabel Crump and has knowed her for some years back.
  • Here are the last I made, thirty years back.
  • Written for certain Two hundred and fifty Years back.
  • And I left London eleven years back.
  • It was the 2nd October, five years back; that is, 1567.
  • He had been president of the O.U.A.C. some years back.
  • But a few years back it was braving death to attempt to remove them.
  • Years back there had been a scandal about a girl who ran away to be an actress.
  • A few years back he could have finished the whole business in a couple of days.
  • It was not an ancestral place, but a purchase not many years back.
  • He had not yet avenged that woman dead and gone so many years back.
  • This was well enough, but who could give him his fourteen years back again?
  • Fifty years back from the gate stood the house, under its noble grove.
  • It looked like a colored plate cut out of a fashion-book of some years back.
  • A few years back this gulf was supposed to be great, fixed, impassable.
  • He tells me the colorful tale of a hacker caught in California some years back.
  • That's my belief, I have seen it coming for years back.
  • Mr. G. looks pretty much as he has done any time these two years back.
  • And this was, good peasants, Full three hundred years back!

How To Use Years Back In A Sentence?

  • This engagement was said to have begun some years back, and to be very enthralling.
  • But twenty years back he was in his full vigor and able to maintain his own against all odds.
  • It was the ladies who had been so kind to me all those years back, returning to the little castle.
  • My regret is that you did not offer years back to send me twenty thousand instead of two.
  • That sort of talk has been talked for years back, but they never do anything.
  • If once she had been wearer of the scarlet letter, the color thereof had faded these years back.
  • Clost to its upper end is a hill, whar my partner built a cache about ten years back.
  • Some of the towns brought bitter memories of that anxious August three years back.
  • About a hundred years back, such a system was in vogue in various countries of Europe.
  • We were with a party who, a few years back, were attacked of the people of Ayotlan.
  • Mr. Pratt a few years back did some restoring, as they call it; put on a flat roof.
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