Years Later In A Sentence

How To Use Years Later In A Sentence?

  • Calvi died two or three years later.
  • Two years later it became a dormitory for the boys.
  • The other picture is only three and a half years later.
  • Ten years later, how different her views will be!
  • Two years later his grandson and heir passed away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Years Later | Years Later Sentence

  • Years later he told me.
  • It was two years later.
  • Katrina married again a few years later.
  • Two years later he succeeded.
  • Three years later and he was again alone.
  • Three years later he married.
  • Two years later he died.
  • Five years later they were rich.
  • That was eight years later.
  • Many years later she died.
  • A few years later he returned.
  • Two years later she stopped working.
  • It was eight years later when he returned.
  • He died two years later.
  • Four years later the father followed.
  • The date was seven years later.
  • Pity he did not live a hundred years later.
  • Three years later the line was completed.
  • Thirty years later this scheme has again been brought up.
  • The parsonage was built a few years later.
  • But how the picture was altered a few years later!
  • Six years later it was threatened by starvation.
  • Five years later he increases the rent.
  • No, not until three years later.
  • The young men marry a few years later.
  • The work was not completed until twenty years later.
  • Three years later this depth had entirely disappeared.
  • Some years later this man succumbed to alcoholism.
  • Two years later a similar sum was again taken from him.
  • And six years later your father died.
  • I looked a few years later and there was not a single one.
  • Twelve years later the composer revised the work.
  • Four years later, and summer once more.
  • A few years later these parties exchanged names.
  • Three years later that shark was a sight to behold.
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