Yellowish In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Yellowish | Yellowish Sentence

  • Plain yellowish below.
  • Similar to the last but more yellowish below.
  • Of a yellowish red color.
  • It is yellowish brown in summer.
  • The color is yellowish gray.
  • Tongue yellowish and rather furred.
  • To his eye it seems yellowish or orange.
  • A yellowish ring around the eye.
  • He had yellowish eyes that had a vacant stare in them.
  • Calcium, a yellowish solid.
  • The designs are red on a yellowish ground.
  • Unctuous, yellowish substance.
  • The anthers are yellowish or greenish yellow.
  • Phosphorus, a yellowish white solid.
  • A yellowish gray boulder about 349 mm.
  • They are white, with a yellowish tinge.
  • Brown above, with some black and yellowish streaks.
  • Translucent, yellowish or greyish-white.
  • In each hand he held a bowlful of thick yellowish soup.
  • She wore a shabby brown skirt and a yellowish blouse.
  • It forms a yellowish liquid which solidifies at -102 deg..
  • A bell-shaped pestle made of yellowish gray quartzite.
  • The color is whitish, afterward yellowish or brownish.
  • A large, handled cup or ladle of yellowish clay.
  • Under parts dull white, with a grayish or yellowish tinge.
  • A yellowish eye-ring, like the creamy color of the breast.
  • Vos Engo turned a yellowish green.
  • Livid: yellowish gray with a violet tinge: greenish gray.
  • One variety was of a yellowish tan color, Var.
  • The small yellowish Boletus, B. subluteus.
  • This species has a yellowish brown crown and whitish underparts.
  • The atmosphere was so clear that this reflected light shone a yellowish green.
  • What made them think so was a dense yellowish wall advancing through the air.
  • This is a deeper and brighter variety, and is more yellowish on the belly.
  • The material is generally a flinty jasper of reddish and yellowish hues.
  • The prevailing colors seen in the fragments are yellowish and reddish grays.
  • The bared trees don that yellowish tinge which tells of breaking leaves.
  • In its yellowish glare she saw that the stains upon his sleeve were red.

How To Use Yellowish In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes the surface of the coagulum exhibits yellowish or bluish streaks and patches.
  • The gauze testifies to its late and careful sterilization by yellowish scorches.

Definition of Yellowish

Somewhat yellow (in colour).
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