Yelped in a sentence

Definition of Yelped

simple past tense and past participle of yelp

How to use Yelped in a Sentence?

  • But she was so scared that she yelped as though the claws of both cats had torn her.
  • The dogs yelped with joy when he dragged it back to the other end of the passage.
  • Danny promptly bit it so hard that Reddy yelped with pain and pulled it out in a hurry.
  • He kept his eyes fixed on the westering sun, and yelped his recitation in a sharp, barking voice.
  • Just then Reddy yelped louder than before, for Bumble had stung him in the other ear.
  • So he yelped and gnarled and bow-wowed till there was nothing left of his voice but a sickly wheeze.
  • All night coyotes yelped from the hilltops about us, recounting their immemorial sorrows to the wandering moon.
  • Nino threw his corn bread to a hungry dog that yelped as it hit him, and then fastened on it like a beast of prey.
  • Ben saw a leather-hided giant twiddle free a length of rope and try it on the legs of a companion who yelped and grappled with him harmlessly.
  • All the dogs in the district recognised that I was a stranger, and yelped consumedly, like the wolfish mongrels that they are.
  • There was no legal action taken in the matter, but the papers yelped at me, and folk looked askance when I met them.
  • He yelped and started straightway for Montoya, who stood near the band, gazing, as ever, into space.
  • On a bear hunt Bobby lost his shepherd ways and his kindly disposition, and yelped fiercely, and hung on a trail as long as any of the pack.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau saw a child bite a poodle until it yelped with pain, and yet it did not manifest the slightest temper.
  • I could not sleep very well; the mosquitoes were intrusive, and Professor Smawl dreamed she was a pack of wolves and yelped in her sleep.
  • Ami, who seemed to understand her words perfectly, yelped once or twice, then bounded away toward the Tower, barking loudly and joyously.

Short Example Sentence for Yelped

  • He yelped when he beheld me.
  • He also yelped shrilly.
  • But the dog yelped suddenly.
  • Joses yelped and dropped the knife.
  • Reuben yelped and war-danced.
  • Sturgess was so excited that he almost yelped the words.
  • The fox yelped and flew into the air.
  • A coyote yelped in the far dusk.
  • The words were yelped at him rather than spoken.
  • Every time he touched them he yelped with pain.
  • He yelped bloody murder and tried to skedaddle.
  • The huskies yelped and snarled in fierce rivalry.
  • He yelped half a dozen times, but Neewa made no answer.
  • The prisoner inside yelped and stormed at the studded panels.
  • Away to the west a coyote yelped; another yelped an answer, and then another.
  • Hi!..." yelped a stifled voice.
  • As the world wheeled, a drunken universe, a sullen voice yelped at his ear.
  • The dog yelped a little, but seemed to know that I was doing it to help him.

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