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  • But she replied only by sharp yelps and lamentable shrieks.
  • I heard a string of yelps and bellows from our rear.
  • They sniffed the air and set up yelps and mournful howls.
  • As the yelps and barks drew nearer, he climbed into his.
  • It was a different note from its careless yelps at the infrequent crossings.
  • A flash of yellow appeared among the sage and a string of yelps split the air.
  • He saw the bear, and his barking broke into shrill yelps of alarm and appeal.

How To Use Yelps In A Sentence?

  • He was on the threshold of saying so when a medley of yelps and yells broke forth.
  • Wild yelps of pain followed, and the two wolves turned and ran for cover with all possible speed.
  • The boys, feeling secure in the presence of their seniors, added their shrill yelps of pleasure.
  • He had succeeded in letting out half a dozen terrified yelps at the start, and these roused Thor.
  • As Thor and the Giant youth came near screams and yelps came from all her heads.
  • Whenever the sound of the instrument reached them, the din of yelps was returned from all points of the compass.
  • Whimpers and yelps of disappointment from the hounds proclaimed that their prey had escaped, but the question was, how?
  • With sharp yelps they followed to the door, through the arched corridors, up a short flight of steps, past a big room.
  • It was very still, not a whisper, and then suddenly the dogs began to bark, a trail of yaps and yelps that advanced across the lawn.
  • Suddenly three or four quick, sharp yelps brought my gun to the "ready," and the hammers clicked as a burst of music followed.
  • At this Miki sent up such a series of shrieking yelps from below that Kawook seemed at last to realize that something unusual was going on.
  • Still the last hoarse yelps of a combat of women came intermittently from Half Jago Street in the further confines.
  • The sound of horses munching their oats, and an occasional clink, rattle, and growl from the lions did not drown the faint but unmistakable yelps of a pup.

Definition of Yelps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of yelp | plural of yelp
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