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  • He glared past Yerkes at Monty who had risen leisurely.
  • I looked at Yerkes, Yerkes looked at Fred, and Fred at me.
  • So let Yerkes make a great show of looking for land to settle on.
  • In another minute Yerkes had him off his feet, cursing and kicking.
  • There's Mr. Yerkes with the canoe.
  • She had to make way for him, for Will Yerkes stood his ground.

How To Use Yerkes In A Sentence?

  • It is estimated that the Yerkes telescope will gather three times as much light as the twenty-three-inch instrument of the Princeton Observatory.
  • Watching them, counting them, distinguishing the various breeds we three grew enormously contented, even Will Yerkes banishing depression.
  • She wore no wedding ring that I could see; and she took no more notice of Will Yerkes beside her than if he had been a part of the furniture.
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