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  • She went yesterday, in the afternoon.
  • I saw her pass yesterday in a green bonnet.
  • They went on coming in all yesterday in motor ambulances.
  • I forgot the tyrant of yesterday in the friend of to-day.
  • Yesterday, in spite of everything, was a bad day.
  • I saw her yesterday in the garden up at the Castle.
  • So I had to go over to school yesterday in pumps.
  • So I had to go over to school yesterday in gym shoes.
  • I looked over and verified this one myself yesterday in ten minutes.
  • I got a letter from her yesterday, in which she said she was quite well.
  • They were in the forest, as yesterday, in the shed of some woodenshoe maker.
  • In voting yesterday in favor of the resolutions proposed by the Hon.
  • Yet none were better than those Gerda had given us yesterday in our need.
  • She came to me yesterday in order that I might return her letters to her.
  • Mirambo was defeated with severe loss yesterday, in his attack upon Mfuto.
  • Even yesterday in Fire-eater's house I ran the risk....
  • I was discharged yesterday in New York and I lost no time in coming here.
  • I met his father yesterday in St. James's Street.

How To Use Yesterday In In A Sentence?

  • I observed them yesterday in the garden advancing along one of the retired walks.
  • I observed them yesterday in the garden, advancing along one of the retired walks.
  • I arrived here yesterday in the best of health, but shall not start till to-morrow.
  • The ladies were more excited even than yesterday in their diatribes against the Yankees.
  • I hope the walk you had yesterday, in order to show people your conservatories, has done you good.
  • I saw them yesterday in the Green, and Beatrice came up at once and asked about you.
  • After the victory at Stry the allied troops advanced yesterday in the direction of Medenice.
  • That's the chap as was up yesterday in the Ashurst will kise!' said one lounger to his neighbour.
  • In the Russian war theatre the allied armies again attacked yesterday in Middle Galicia.
  • The Beloochees, who arrived yesterday in the Asia and the Peckforten Castle, are landing to-day.
  • He was dressed as he was yesterday, in that purple costume copied from the portrait of his ancestor in the sixteenth century.
  • Hooker was musing over his "defeat" of yesterday in the salesroom when his thoughts reverted to the fate of his own copy.
  • Only yesterday, in want of occupation, as she thought, she had cleaned the chimney and trimmed the wick.
  • Further north cavalry engagements took place yesterday in the region of Fokeljanij with good results for us.
  • But our plumbing went to wreck, yesterday, in the unlooked-for cold snap, and her father came to our rescue.
  • Sir, I have the honour to inform you that the exploring party under my command arrived here yesterday in safety and in good health.
  • Do you know which, of all the sights that confronted me yesterday in my rambles through the rainy weather, I pigeon-holed as the saddest?
  • Who was his companion for two hours yesterday in the Botanical Gardens (which they had entirely to themselves)?
  • I proposed an amendment yesterday, in order to obtain what I consider the most simple formula for converting local time into cosmical time.
  • This was told me yesterday in reply to a question, whether the custom of gathering "May-dew" is still prevailing here.
  • You will remember that yesterday, in dividing the subject under different heads, I put down certain questions which we would take in order.
  • The President paid you a very handsome compliment in the Cabinet meeting yesterday, in reference to your usefulness to the country.
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