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  • But she did not yield at once.
  • I was obliged to yield to evidence.
  • To yield to the strongest he needs only be passive.
  • Red and green combine to yield a harmony.
  • He appeared to yield reluctantly to her insistence.
  • But Anthony did not seem to yield to this view.
  • It was he who refused to let me yield to that impulse of anger.
  • For this means nothing else than to yield to the devil and succumb to him.
  • But this avoidance will yield spontaneous forms in their due hour.
  • She was the strong woman who would yield only to a stronger man.
  • Therefore, do not yield to these evils, but meet them bravely.
  • It would repay them for their labor, and yield them a rich harvest of gain.
  • I trust, however, that the farming out will not yield less than other years.
  • Since you won't yield to persuasion, we'll try what force can do.
  • To you, my father, I yield myself: dispose me as you please!

How To Use Yield In A Sentence?

  • How much we forgive to those who yield us the rare spectacle of heroic manners!
  • But the darkness of night was beginning to yield to the pale tints of early dawn.
  • We would yield to no one in a profound veneration for the great intellects of the past.
  • The problem is to find out what weight of mercuric oxide will yield 20 g. of oxygen.
  • People often yield to a sudden impulse, who will resist if approached formally or from a distance.
  • The low yield per acre in this island, and also the low value of the lint per lb.
  • He repeated his resignation, but added that he would yield if Congress persisted.
  • The services Colonel Churchill continued to yield the royal brothers did not pass unrewarded.
  • It does not yield to logic and historical facts, because it is in its very nature unreasoning and unreasonable.
  • None would more readily than himself yield acquiescence to the statement that law and order must prevail.
  • The young gipsy was beginning to yield to sleep when cries in the distance roused her into an impulse to fly.
  • Oxides which yield either hydrogen dioxide or oxygen when treated with water or an acid are called peroxides.
  • Eaton protested that there was no frigate in the treaty, and that we would fight rather than yield to such extortion.
  • I cannot see the least difficulty, beyond the dishonesty and reluctance to yield of existing spirit.
  • Years had changed the more perishable features of the scene; but rock and iron yield slowly to the influence of time.
  • A simple method of increasing the yield is that practised with success by some growers in the States.
  • The negroes are so crowded in their quarter that they are obliged to expand, and when they do, this investment will yield a still higher interest.
  • Revenge, and the hope of gaining the wealth of the hostile merchant, made them yield assent at once to the project of assassination.
  • Accurate measurement has shown that when ammonia is decomposed, two volumes of the gas yield one volume of nitrogen and three volumes of hydrogen.
  • I am not a good traveller, nor have I found that long journeys yield a fair share of reasonable hours.
  • After the Peace, prices all fell, and though the farmers were reluctant, they had to yield to circumstances.
  • She would never yield her point; she would never relax her pressure; she would never admit defeat until he married another woman.
  • While the secondary phosphates, on heating, give salts of pyrophosphoric acid, the primary phosphates yield salts of metaphosphoric acid.
  • The yield of wheat has gone on from 2,000,000 quarters in the time of the Stuarts, to 13,000,000 in 1854.
  • See also the "gas tubes" illuminated by electricity, as sold by opticians, and let the prism yield you daily instruction.

Definition of Yield

(obsolete) To pay, give in payment; repay, recompense; reward; requite. | To furnish; to afford; to render; to give forth. | To give way; to allow another to pass first.
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