Yielded In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Yielded | Yielded Sentence

  • All yielded before them.
  • Presently she yielded to it.
  • They yielded to her wish.
  • He has yielded to corruption.
  • Opdyke yielded to his curiosity.
  • Lester yielded to his judgment.
  • Cameron yielded him the axe.
  • He yielded to their desires and did so.
  • Biscuit yielded ungraciously.
  • She had yielded to him only that afternoon.
  • Paul yielded his weapon.
  • He yielded to their entreaties.
  • He yielded to her whim.
  • Phoenicia has yielded some of its treasures.
  • She yielded then very quickly.
  • Joseph yielded at last.
  • But he had yielded the point.
  • Sedgwick yielded at last.
  • The mind had yielded to the man.
  • She yielded herself to him with a suppressed sob.
  • Similar results are yielded by hysteria.
  • She had yielded to a movement of temper.
  • He had yielded to an attack of frenzy.
  • He yielded and remained quiet.
  • The latter yielded the most profit.
  • They had yielded only to overwhelming odds.
  • Had yielded like a coward.
  • He yielded to his contusions and wounds.
  • Everything yielded to the requirements of the war.
  • He himself had almost yielded to the delusion.
  • Geraldine yielded to the invitation in silence.
  • I yielded with good grace.
  • None was yielded as an act of grace.
  • She yielded him her hands but not her point.
  • Ramon might have yielded to it a few months before.

How To Use Yielded In A Sentence?

  • He had not yielded an inch to this man.
  • But she never yielded an inch.
  • The house was to be yielded up to her for the night.
  • She yielded to a little sigh.
  • He yielded to her caresses in silence.

Definition of Yielded

simple past tense and past participle of yield
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