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  • Horses are often yoked three abreast.
  • We have only yoked one buffalo to the plough up till now.
  • The bones are yoked together by strong processes.
  • We may not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.
  • So I yoked my oxen and cows to the wagon and drove on.
  • Findian yoked stags to draw wood (LL, 2552).
  • They were yoked up and the wagons turned about for the return.
  • The processes by which the vertebrae are yoked together are small.
  • He often compared himself to a horse yoked to a threshing machine.
  • Yet how often do we find poverty and piety yoked together in one house.
  • In the bobbins, which are entered by the ends of a pair of yoked plungers.
  • It would be lucky for many people if they were thus singly yoked to history.
  • Here, on the contrary, every duty had a pastime yoked with it.
  • Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers" (2 Cor.

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  • He was an idolater therefore, and it was a sin to be yoked together with such an one.
  • Quickly they yoked their steeds, and mournfully they drove across the plain to the city.
  • If not, why should the molecular motions of the brain be yoked to this mysterious companion consciousness?
  • He yoked society as a partner, but it was a partnership in which the revenue went exclusively to the landowner.
  • The oxen were sent for and yoked in the darkness, and soon were in the river on the way to the rescue.
  • As fast as the hunters came in and reported no road available, they also yoked up their oxen and rolled out.
  • Then ordering her steeds to be yoked to her chariot, she set out once more for the palace leaving the four white swans swimming on the lake.
  • The horses were then unharnessed, and the three strongest were yoked in a line, so as to give the foremost of them a better foot-hold.
  • Two of the horses were yoked together, one on each side of the tongue, the others were attached to the car merely by traces.
  • The men of Ulster were vexed when they saw the birds destroying all before them, and they yoked nine of their chariots to follow after them.
  • As he rode along, he saw a priest driving oxen yoked to a plough, and seemingly very deep in anxious thought about something.
  • Then by the aid of this radiant miracle the chariot-driver found his steeds, and led them rejoicing to the father, and yoked them unto the chariot.
  • Therefore he is never yoked with a poor man, or any that stands on the lower ground, but whose fortunes may tempt his pains to deceive him.
  • For one griffoun there will be flynge to his nest a great hors, or two oxen yoked togidre, as thei gon to the plowghe.
  • The bare possibility of being yoked to such a woman as in fancy I have wooed and won to-day makes me shiver with inexpressible dread.
  • We travelled slow, for the wounded were not fit to bear much speed, and many of the folk walked to suffer the horses to be yoked to the carts.
  • Of two bullocks yoked in their plough, with which a peasant was hastening home, one was struck on the head by a piece of it, and killed outright.
  • Then Toby returned with the horses; they were yoked to the waggons and to the caravans, and the little cavalcade set forth.
  • Doty and his party yoked up and set out straight across the desert, leaving seven wagons of the Bennett party still in camp.
  • A shaky-looking calash, to which was yoked an old horse, with torn harness hanging over the shafts, stood all alone in front of the luggage office.
  • The three leaders are unharnessed and attached behind; and eight bullocks, two by two, are yoked in front of the pair of mules who act as wheelers.
  • His chariot and horses were yoked for the king, and they went, in the end of the night, to Ferta-fer-fec.
  • For one griffon there will bear, flying to his nest, a great horse, or two oxen yoked together, as they go at the plough.
  • Thereupon the skillful Nala yoked upon the car four excellent steeds of good breed that were, besides, docile and fleet.
  • There are, in divers parts of Europe, just such beings as this contralto who, yoked with cattle, assist in agriculture by pulling plows.

Definition of Yoked

Wearing a yoke. | (bodybuilding) Having large and well-defined muscles. | (slang) Married.
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