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  • Hope he beat in yore heads!
  • Bless yore purty sweet face!
  • Mind yore own business, you shorthorn.
  • Road-brand me two hundred of yore three-year-olds.
  • Well, keep yore face shut, then!
  • Leave me some of yore Colt cartridges, though.
  • Just sit tight an' keep yore eyes an' ears open at noon.
  • You can tell that Yuma critter that, if yore a mind tuh.
  • I ain't criticism' yore place, Alf.
  • He spile yore fun Onless at once U send mi Gunn.
  • Sincerely Yore Friend Maria Klegg.
  • Come out of that an' put on yore lid!
  • It's all yore misfortune and none of my own.
  • But his irrepressible ears stood out as of yore and his eyes were not dimmed.
  • Take it from me, you've had yore last fling.
  • Lane wants to pay a couple of yore men their wages for a month or two.
  • Holden, keep yore eyes an' ears open.
  • He stayed all night, an' occupied yore room.
  • By Vishnu's hand of yore was slain.
  • And meantime, if you value yore health, you better stay down on low ground.
  • That'll give you twenty-four hours to rest yore herd an' get ready to drive.
  • Alf said: 'You fellers hold yore tongues.
  • Harlan, put yore paws up in sight or I'll drill you clean!
  • Come on out, Soft-foot; the moon's yore finish.
  • You go, Barr; it wasn't yore fight, nohow.
  • It ain't Pa and Ma any more, either, bless yore life!
  • How do you ride--with yore stirrups tied?
  • You never saw sech a stream o' folks in all yore born days.
  • But when I got outside there was yore cayuse, all saddled an' ready to go.
  • And as for you, I don't want none of yore sympathy or help, neither.

How To Use Yore In A Sentence?

  • We got yore record and we know what you're after, so don't hand us out any bull.
  • Dont know nobody but you can give me a hand remember that time down in El paso I was yore freind.
  • While you was on yore way this gentleman come into camp, and he's seen that done himself.
  • We'll find another way to get that cayuse as long as you feel that the marshal is yore hunting.
  • You show yore twenty-five or gimme that cayuse on my bid," retorted the stranger.
  • Stick yore iron on that fourth steer before he gets out, an' talk less with yore mouth.
  • Ain't a bit o' fun treatin' yore stomach if you have to abuse yore gums while you are at it.
  • If you ain't got no regard for yore own life you shore ought to think a little about yore friend's.
  • Letcher arms down easy and hold 'em straight out from yore sides while I gits it offen you.
  • You are a-gittin' powerful touchy here lately, and it ain't becomin' in a man of yore dignity.

Definition of Yore

(poetic) time long past. | (obsolete) In time long past; long ago.
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