You Had In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For You Had | You Had Sentence

  • That was why you had to do as you did.
  • If you had only been there!
  • You had only to speak.
  • Have you had any adventures?
  • And what you had to accomplish here.
  • You had better be off now.
  • If you had only known!
  • Have you had breakfast?
  • For you had a garment.
  • But you had your chance.
  • You had no father to do it.
  • You had them at your mercy.
  • That was all you had in currency.
  • You had been cruel to me.
  • But have you had your breakfast?
  • What have you had to drink?
  • Surely you had not heard of it!
  • If you had been in her place?
  • If you had only been there before he jumped!
  • You had grounded there!
  • You had to be careful.
  • If you had only seen them!
  • As if you had not been informed of this?
  • I mean than you had.
  • What would you do with her if you had her?
  • Have you had any word?
  • Have you had a spill?
  • Perhaps you had rather not.
  • It was because you had been to him first.
  • Have you had any supper?
  • Have you had a letter?
  • If you had your way?
  • Why have you had no pity for me?
  • Have you had any lunch?
  • And you had accepted him?

How To Use You Had In A Sentence?

  • But you had him down here to stay.
  • You had it from her own mouth.
  • You had it backward.
  • I thought you had it.
  • Was this before or after you had tea with him?
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