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  • Where did you kill him?
  • Would you kill a woman?
  • Will you kill it because you are good?
  • Will you kill yourself for this foal?
  • Did ever you kill any one?
  • If you kill, you hang.
  • Must you kill my soul as well as my heart?
  • You break me, you kill me!
  • What, did you kill him with your hands?
  • How could you kill that noble lord?
  • If you kill one of them they will massacre us all.
  • I will pay you ten thousand dollars if you kill him.
  • Must we kill you, or you kill us?
  • Oo, would you kill the others?
  • Would you kill me too, that you speak like this?
  • Even though you kill me, our goal will still be reached.
  • Frowne whilst you kill us, desire is desire.
  • A man you take aim at, you fire at, you kill.
  • Child, child, you kill me: you will not understand.
  • But, Groissard, you kill them.
  • Why did you kill Spencer Lee?
  • And when you frown, Lord, how you kill the whiles!
  • What did you kill my people on Yellow Creek for?
  • Did you kill her?
  • You kill me.
  • You kill me so!
  • Why shouldn't you kill who you wish?
  • You kill the goose that when taken at the flood leads on to fortune.
  • For if you kill a pig, you find yourself in difficulties with the swine-herds.
  • Why did you kill her," said the young men.
  • If you kill him, you'll never get the curse off.
  • Die for her, and she will mock you; kill her, and she will adore you.
  • Until you kill the accursed Jews this plague will never pass.
  • Aren't you cruel when you kill an antelope or a deer for supper?

How To Use You Kill In A Sentence?

  • In some localities it is said if you kill the snake in your dream you will conquer your enemies.
  • If you kill one white man, or steal his property, you shall be punished as you have been to-day.
  • If you kill me, I dare not deliver letter or message before we are at a distance from the Abbey.
  • I might punish you, kill you, if I chose; but I prefer leaving you to amend your ways.
  • But if you kill me, His messenger, rest assured that He will in His own time and way punish you.
  • If you kill Big Dog and Striking Bear, we will surely come and wipe away your people.

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