You Of In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For You Of | You Of Sentence

  • Has she been talking to you of that!
  • Are you of this faith?
  • What think you of this?
  • What think you of all this?
  • What does it remind you of?
  • I will tell you of them.
  • I have not informed you of.
  • Has the master assured you of that?
  • I have nothing to tell you of myself.
  • I am ordered to inform you of this.
  • It was folly to have told you of it.
  • Are you of court sir?
  • I want you of your own free will.
  • I want to tell you of it.
  • He will advise you of his movements.
  • Possible it is he tell you of his affair.
  • We accuse you of felony.
  • Robbed you of a hundred pounds!
  • Does it speak to you of character?
  • What do these hats remind you of?
  • Who is there among you of all his people?
  • Let me tell you of my plans.
  • Have you of every sort?
  • I spoke to you of ambition.
  • Henrietta will have told you of our start.
  • Who has deprived you of life?
  • What think you of the contest now?
  • That should convince you of my integrity.
  • I have been most anxious to assure you of this.
  • Are you of the least use?
  • How judge you of that latitude?
  • I will convict you of your wickedness.
  • Know you of any water nigh?
  • Are you of white blood?
  • Why brag you of your stock?

How To Use You Of In A Sentence?

  • Nobody will suspect you of being a detective.
  • William is fond of you, and you of him.
  • Whoever told you of such a work was fooling you.
  • And now to tell you of weighted silks.
  • It has become a habit with you of late.
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