You Took In A Sentence

How To Use You Took In A Sentence?

  • Why, you took wonderful care of her.
  • But what a confoundedly long way around you took.
  • You took the right instead of the left path.
  • You took something that makes you call yourself a thief.
  • Have you took leave of your senses, or what?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For You Took | You Took Sentence

  • Then you took him too.
  • I am not what you took me for.
  • You took it yourself.
  • And you took their money.
  • Remember that prize you took.
  • I thought you took it.
  • You took his part all through.
  • Before you took to preaching.
  • You took those bananas.
  • Was the person you took for me just the same as me?
  • He offered you money and you took it!
  • From the time you took me out of the workhouse.
  • The lusty steps you took!
  • You must say that you took it.
  • I know that you took his money.
  • It is time you took it in earnest.
  • Thank you for the trouble you took to fetch it.
  • You took advantage of my inexperience!
  • It was but a little territory you took from them.
  • Do you mean to say you took it off because of me?
  • You took hold as if you belonged here.
  • Then you took a confounded liberty!
  • And then you took everything on credit.
  • You took it as you took a leap.
  • You took care of the babies?
  • Restore us what you took from us.
  • You took one of them out of play by stamping on him.
  • You took possession of them last night?
  • He is not yours, and you took him out of my yard.
  • Awfully glad you took us on your way.
  • Why, you took it to be mended.
  • You took a lovely cropper that time.
  • You remember the one you took away from him.
  • The last scenes you took here came out well.
  • That was a nasty header you took last night.
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