Your Arms In A Sentence

How To Use Your Arms In A Sentence?

  • Timorously, yet assentingly, she came back to your arms.
  • Then, scan your arms and thighs; try your loins.
  • That waits, sir, on your arms, and not on me.
  • Throw your arms around their necks and lead them to Jesus.
  • Your arms are like pale amber, your mouth blushes....

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Your Arms | Your Arms Sentence

  • Lower yourself down by your arms.
  • Invite her to your arms.
  • Take your arms again.
  • Wave your arms at them and shout at them.
  • Let me feel your arms.
  • Drop your arms by your side.
  • She should have flown to your arms!
  • Have not our children died in your arms?
  • I will sit still in your arms.
  • I want you to take me in your arms.
  • Saddle your horse and look to your arms.
  • Your arms round his neck!
  • Leave all your arms up-stairs!
  • You take him or her in your arms and embrace.
  • Swing your arms around tight!
  • Anyway, your arms will be free.
  • Hold me in your arms, beloved.
  • I little expected to die in your arms.
  • Hold your arms at your side in a relaxed condition.
  • It would make your arms ache.
  • Put your arms around her and tell her you love her.
  • I wanted to hear your voice and feel your arms.
  • I caught her in your arms! on your breast!
  • You just hold out your arms to the warm ray of light.
  • Fold your arms, be blind and dumb.
  • Children, put your arms around me.
  • Already, both your arms are drenched with blood.
  • Ye dinna let your arms gang easy.
  • Put both your arms round my neck, and cling to me so.
  • Get your man, wrap your arms around him and heave.
  • Now, stretch your arms and kind of look round.
  • An' you lyin' on your arms these hours!
  • Put your arms around my neck....
  • But now I saw her in your arms!
  • I hope soon, darling, to be in your arms.
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