Your Attention In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Your Attention | Your Attention Sentence

  • Let me have your attention.
  • Let me have your attention!
  • Please give me your attention.
  • You promised to give your attention to me.
  • Will you favor me with your attention for awhile?
  • Give me your attention for the last time.
  • I want to call your attention to it.
  • Now please to give me your attention.
  • These questions deserve your attention.
  • Please give your attention to this piece of poetry.
  • It never lets your attention wander.
  • Some people have to be beautiful to rivet your attention.
  • I should like to call your attention to their connection.
  • Real wealth and distinction never invite your attention.
  • I thank you for your attention....
  • I got another leetle matter to call to your attention.
  • Your attention is directed to Fig.
  • But the meat I press on your attention.
  • And then I must call your attention to the history teacher.
  • Well, I just wanted to call your attention to it.
  • Your person, I see, has not shared much of your attention.
  • But we ask your attention to a test which cannot be questioned.
  • Your attention is now required by affairs of more importance.
  • Let me direct your attention to the most frequent occurrences of this sort.
  • I propose to ask your attention to my subject under three heads.
  • I want to call your attention to what true repentance leads to.
  • I thank you one and all for your attention, and for your patronage.
  • I shall introduce it to your attention by asking a very simple question.
  • I must now press both these facts on your attention a little farther.
  • I have directed your attention early to foliage for two reasons.
  • Christian reader, we earnestly invite your attention to this point.
  • A stick will crackle perhaps, and thus draw your attention to him.
  • Well now, let me call your attention to an interesting fact about that car.

How To Use Your Attention In A Sentence?

  • Let me call your attention to what we have received from the followers of the ghosts.
  • The trouble with you is that there has been no regular campaign on to occupy your attention.
  • There has only been one occurrence in these offices which could call for your attention.
  • Slight sounds now cut the night with a distinctness that excites your attention.
  • The same thing read with the right accent and inflection will hold your attention.
  • If good riding is worth your attention do not think these things beneath your notice.
  • I shall have the honour to call your attention to several points of etiquette to-day.
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