Your Feet In A Sentence

How To Use Your Feet In A Sentence?

  • You boys stomp your feet well and shake your coats.
  • Make your eyes droop, and your feet ache!
  • She bathes your feet and dries them on nice warm towels.
  • Go around the room without touching your feet to the floor.
  • You move your feet, which were given you for the purpose.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Your Feet | Your Feet Sentence

  • I but pour it out at your feet.
  • I cast them at your feet.
  • In the roses at your feet!
  • I seat myself at your feet.
  • Let me sit at your feet then.
  • Will your feet go further?
  • As your servant at your feet.
  • Your feet are not so cold as they were.
  • Get your shoes on your feet.
  • Take off the skates from your feet.
  • You have no rock under your feet.
  • Is there ony room at your feet?
  • Wabbly on your feet, are you?
  • Get a good brace with your feet.
  • I am afraid they will blister your feet.
  • Has it reached your feet yet?
  • Could you build with your feet through your boots?
  • The wild strawberry is at your feet.
  • Your feet must be wet.
  • Your feet are like stones.
  • Fancy getting your feet in that stuff!
  • Ten days should see you on your feet.
  • Tahn-te the sorcerer shall be under your feet!
  • Damn your feet and your blind-bat eyes!
  • It will be my dearest privilege to be at your feet forever.
  • Those dreams are spaniels crouching at your feet.
  • Anyone would think your feet were glued down!
  • You could not stand without your feet.
  • Take me, and you have the world at your feet.
  • A word from you would have brought me to your feet.
  • Tuck in your feet, you selfish thing.
  • When somehow something gives and your feet drag.
  • I would crouch at your feet if it would serve you.
  • I am now going to start a fire to warm your feet.
  • Put your feet where you would, the water was everywhere.
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