Your Kids in a sentence

Short Example Sentence for Your Kids

  • 1. If you heed my advice, your kids will have the jump on your class.
  • 2. We'd have lost part of that bunch, at least, if it hadn't been for your kids.
  • 3. "To keep your kids from harm, sir," the city man replied, "

How to use Your Kids in a Sentence?

  • 1. And your kids wouldn't have to explain why their father lives like a Red Indian.
  • 2. You might have a neighbor's photocopied sheet of baking recipes that worked well at high altitudes, or of fishing techniques that worked well on a particular lake, a song that a friend created for a special occasion, or a short story you wrote for your kids--and then typed up for them to tell to theirs.
  • 3. "I didn't know," said Daddy, "that there was a place in our whole country where you couldn't live decent and send your kids to school if you wanted to.