Your Left In A Sentence

How To Use Your Left In A Sentence?

  • Bring your racket right through, and finish a little to the left of your left knee.
  • In clasping your own hand, you put uppermost either your right or your left thumb.
  • Your left shoulder should face the net, your left foot should be in front of your right.
  • The fine waving surface to your left is all tillage land; and the islands in the bay are his.
  • Go along this street, then take the third turning to your left and the first on the right.
  • On your left near the front is a bed; on the floor by the bed lie scattered pages of manuscript.
  • The enemy was beside you, in front of you, on your right hand, and on your left.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Your Left | Your Left Sentence

  • Put it in those bushes to your left.
  • On your left is a door.
  • Give me your left hand.
  • Now try it with your left.
  • See that lever on your left?
  • And push out your left straight.
  • You go up that slope to your left.
  • Throw out your left arm a little more.
  • You go down that hall and turn to your left.
  • There, to your left in the undergrowth.
  • Now your left foot close to the bottom.
  • Do you know your left foot from your right?
  • Then bring down the heel of your left hand.
  • Your left foot controls your reverse acceleration.
  • Next hang your rifle-scabbard under your left leg.
  • You simply keep that to your left and ride eight hours.
  • Give him your left, Bill!
  • Here, take your left hand and grasp an imaginary gun butt.
  • And then there is Southsea Beach to your left.
  • On your left, Mr. Long Otto.
  • Turn to your left.
  • Go to your left!
  • What direction is at your right side and which is at your left side?
  • Then you take that an' keep to your left.
  • Begin on your Left.
  • Do you know that a little stream of blood is running down your left sleeve?
  • It is considered smart to wear your school hat tilted over your left eye.
  • Take her in your left arm, and feel the rock face on the right.
  • Open your left hand twice to my coachman, and he will open the door.
  • Hold your left hand lower down, so that if the knife slips it will go over.
  • If while going to see any one your left foot itches, you are not welcome.
  • Don't give 'em time to hunt up the strawberry mark on your left shoulder.
  • Don't give 'em time to hunt up the strawberry mark on your left shoulder.
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