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How To Use Your Next In A Sentence?

  • Your next door neighbor, your family physician, even your clergyman, may be one of them.
  • You were all down on your uppers and didn't know where your next meal was coming from.
  • I shall be able to judge from your next what sort of information will be of most service or amusement to you.
  • I will excuse you from your next recitation, and you can take your cousin over to the neighboring city.
  • Well, doctor, you will go all the more cheerfully to your next patient for having been up into the vineyards.
  • Never get acquainted with your next-door neighbour, unless you find he is in good pecuniary circumstances.
  • I suppose, now, your next step will be to prosecute her to send the police after her, and have her locked up.
  • And the fame of it will be of use to you in your next amour; for the women, you know, run mad after fortune-tellers and preachers.
  • In your next if you will tell me the intention of your inquiries, I will give you a full history of the whole case.
  • Even if you are in a position to command 'puffs,' the public will find you out in the second edition, and revenge itself upon your next book.
  • Even if you are in a position to command "puffs," the public will find you out in the second edition, and revenge itself upon your next book.
  • You punch your next door neighbor once for bread, twice for butter, three times for pickles, four times for potatoes.
  • Miss Sarah wants it explicitly understood that unless you stop in to say hello on your next trip down, she herself will take the trail up here.
  • I look with deep anxiety for your next letters, but the mail seems exclusively occupied with Sebastopol, and to have left letters behind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Your Next | Your Next Sentence

  • What were your next steps?
  • What is your next bidding?
  • Your next need will be the condenser.
  • Nobody can anticipate your next move.
  • Your next remark is concerning miracles.
  • I mean where do you make your next camp?
  • On your next free day do a little prospecting.
  • Let me buy your next dress and show you how to dance.
  • Useful for your next Budget.
  • Yes, your next Christmas!
  • I hope your next work will be of a more general Interest.
  • There are the Tamsies, your next-door neighbours.
  • That's your next step isn't it, Kitty Malone?
  • You will come out admirably at your next dinner with all my teaching.
  • Your next business is to consider what kind of a marriage you propose.
  • Pray describe fully to me in your next letter what sort of a beginning is made.
  • Here's your money; will your next voyage be as good?
  • And then wait; if you don't see your next duty clearly.
  • One thing, however, is to be said to the credit of your next in command.
  • Therefore take them, spick and span new, for the use of your next mistress.
  • When the "time" comes round for your next buttermilk tablet, do not take it.
  • I guess the "Wine" will have to await the publication of your next book.
  • However, I make haste answering, and shall also do so with your next.
  • Fare you well, sir, and lay your next plot better between you, I advise you.
  • How do you mean to manage for the interest and your next half-year's expenses?
  • I bet they're laid up somewhere on your road yet, waiting for your next trip!
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