Yourselves in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Yourselves

1. Look out for yourselves over there, now. 🔊

2. Amuse yourselves in some quiet way. 🔊

3. Give yourselves plenty of room. 🔊

4. Range yourselves under the banners of your old chief. 🔊

5. You never give yourselves time to cool. 🔊

6. Quit yourselves as Hellenes. 🔊

7. Strive then with heart and soul to distinguish yourselves by your deeds. 🔊

8. And why therefore do you not rather esteem yourselves happy? 🔊

9. I desired to make the same choice that you yourselves would have made. 🔊

10. I wonder you do not think yourselves immortal in those everlasting gardens! 🔊

11. Your orders have not yet arrived, but hold yourselves in readiness. 🔊

12. You've shown yourselves brave, and you shall be respected. 🔊

13. I s'pose, no doubt, you regard yourselves in that light. 🔊

14. A few weeks ago you were fretting yourselves to death about Dick. 🔊

How to use Yourselves in Sentences?

1. The way to save yourselves such heartache is to be obedient to your parents as long as they live. 🔊

2. Do not allow yourselves to be frightened at straws; keep your eyes open and do your duty! 🔊

3. Watch yourselves thus in the things that ye do, and ye shall see of what school ye are. 🔊

4. Be industrious, and learn to make yourselves useful, if you would be respected and beloved. 🔊