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  • The Yukon was growling and straining at its fetters.
  • The Yukon froze up and they had to winter with us.
  • He crossed the cottonwoods to the bank of the Yukon.
  • But in all this nervous haste the Yukon took no part.
  • The trail led along the frozen breast of the Yukon.
  • Yukon River, delta of, 52.
  • Passuk and I, to the Country of the Yukon.
  • Throwing-stick from Sabotnisky, on the Lower Yukon.
  • Waters of Eden, run serially in Alaska-Yukon magazine.
  • Logan, Mt., Yukon, height of, 166.
  • Yukon River, Alaska, June 28, 1902.
  • Vocabulary of the Kutcha Kutchin, Yukon River.
  • Yukon: McIntyre Creek, 2250 ft., 3 mi.
  • Author of The Yukon Trail, Wyoming, etc.
  • Yukon: SW end Dezadeash Lake, 2400 ft.
  • The Yukon kid.
  • By the Yukon tribes it is repeated just before the opening of spring.
  • So across the river we went and were glad to be on the Yukon again.
  • You all know what the Yukon country was in '84.
  • Then it would have flashed from range to range across to the Yukon.
  • That disease had scourged the Yukon in the two preceding years.
  • But alas! for the fine Yukon trail we had promised ourselves!
  • In a village on the lower Yukon lived a man and his wife who had no children.
  • Reclining on her side, she looked out and over the wide-stretching Yukon.
  • That wind-storm had cut a clean swath across the Yukon valley.
  • Seventeen days later the ice was gone out and the Yukon flowing bank full.
  • Day had broken, and the driving white gorged the Yukon from shore to shore.
  • It was resolved to send back to Fort Yukon for supplies and for the nurse.

How To Use Yukon In A Sentence?

  • There was a dignity about these trees that the common Yukon spruce never attains.
  • These are usually of driftwood, which is brought by the ocean currents from the Yukon.
  • Perhaps thirty men were still leading them when they shot on to the broad breast of the Yukon.
  • Waterways have ever been first highways, and the Yukon was the sole highway in all the land.
  • Up the Yukon a black speck appeared against the snow, closely followed by a second.
  • A disease resembling measles took half the population of the lower Yukon villages in 1900.
  • There was nothing else, for spring on the Yukon finds only the heel of the grub-stake.
  • From this point it could view the up-Yukon course to its first bend several miles away.
  • The bordering country of the Canadian Yukon has a more humane government than ours.
  • Some of them had been across to the Yukon years before and had visited the mission at Tanana.
  • In fact, it seems to me scarcely probable that the Yukon basin will ever become a mining district.
  • Such is the description that is given of its course along the lower Yukon and Kuskokwim.
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