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  • There was nothing romantic about old Zachary Taylor.
  • I am Captain Zachary du Puys, of Fort Louis, Quebec.
  • And you are Simon's father, Zachary Trifanitch.
  • On a pedestal stands the bust of Dr. ZACHARY PEARCE.

How To Use Zachary In A Sentence?

  • Major-General William O. Butler, under Zachary Taylor, was one of the heroes of Monterey.
  • Dr. Zachary Grey states that between three and four thousand persons suffered death for witchcraft from the year 1640 to 1660.
  • If there were these divisions, one would find Zachary Smith in a few minutes, but now one must look to each reference to find what is wanted.
  • She was a granddaughter of President Zachary Taylor and was well known and beloved by old Washingtonians.
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