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  • Our institutions are in harmony and zealous emulation.
  • He repelled the zealous subalterns who came for orders.
  • They are useful persons, and zealous in the cause.
  • Are men, then, zealous for evil things?
  • He was a most zealous minister and preacher to those people.
  • A zealous attachment to these duties will insure public and private esteem.
  • Is it not fit, then, that we should be zealous about that, the chief thing?
  • Of all men, the most dangerous is a warm, hot-headed, zealous atheist.
  • Marie Zerkovitch was his friend, Zerkovitch his zealous follower.
  • Since 1742 their most zealous pastor was Henry Melchior Muehlenberg.
  • If Frank was here, he is a zealous disciple of old Walton's gentle art.

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  • We were met together at the house of one of the most zealous and fanatical believers.
  • At seventeen he preached his first sermon and all his life was a zealous divine.
  • Toward noon he went down-stairs to continue his zealous efforts in the kitchen.
  • Hence arose the rigid scheme of necessity, for which Hartley is so zealous an advocate.
  • Dicky, already zealous at work as exampled in rush bag-making, listened with wistful pride.
  • After the death of the Pope, his executors were even less zealous for the completion of the tomb.
  • YE are contentious, brethren, and zealous for things that pertain not unto salvation.
  • And from this time Constantine became a zealous protector of the Christian church.
  • The reis had in fact been long in secret one of the most zealous disciples of Hassan Sabah.
  • Both parents being zealous Calvinists, Turenne was of course brought up in the same faith.
  • The monks of Egypt were, indeed, the most zealous defenders of the corporeality of God.
  • The Quarter is as "self-contained" as the flats advertised by our zealous Agent who manages it.
  • Hentzi was constantly a prey to the fear he might by some over zealous action provoke the wrath of the man he served.
  • I was training the creature to retrieve my game, in which service he was extremely zealous and clever.
  • I have never had such luck before or since, though always a zealous angler in an unprofessional way.
  • My sportsmanship was never of the most zealous order, and my success on this occasion did not add much to the mortality of the curlews.
  • They all come from legacies which zealous citizens have left, successively, for employment in charitable works.
  • I know how it would aggravate a zealous brother to think that my little squirt is throwing water on the fire he is trying to keep aglow.
  • The things for which we have been zealous are in no other man's power; and for the things that are in others' power we are not concerned.
  • It remaineth, then, that they are zealous about good things only; and that if they are zealous about them, they also love them.
  • Not only were the ladies zealous for a high ideal in the matter of soup-distributing, they also aimed at practical economy in the use of funds.
  • He died for sinners, not that they might continue in their sins, but in order to redeem unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works.
  • These become leaders among the gypsies, who recognize the fact that one renegade is more zealous than ten Turks.
  • Burton's note-books, indeed, owed no mean debt to her zealous co-operation. 60.
  • I am afraid for Robert, and in fact a trained nurse can do certain things better than the most zealous and tender friend can pretend to do.
  • As a specimen of Weems, it is characteristic; but certainly Marion never talked in the fashion of this zealous biographer.
  • On the whole he decided that it would be wiser to go and let her out at once, and so have done with an incident which he regretted as a blunder on the part of his too zealous follower.
  • The unhappy and guilty men were attended by the zealous chaplain of the jail, whose earnest exhortations and instructions they most gratefully received.
  • This he was the more zealous in as his last visit South had shown him that old Mr. Rawson was beginning to fail.

Definition of Zealous

Full of zeal; ardent, fervent; exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion.
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