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  • I hope you all land on Broadway with Ziegfeld!
  • Mr. Ziegfeld never produced so fantastic and colorful a spectacle.
  • If I were a Ziegfeld scout

How To Use Ziegfeld In A Sentence?

  • Admission to the royal ballet is to a Cambodian maiden what a position in the Ziegfeld Follies is to a Broadway chorus girl.
  • Indeed, I have seen girls far more scantily clad on the stage of the Ziegfeld Roof or the Winter
  • I have to reassure myself that we're not all walking around in the world of Florenz Ziegfeld."
  • And when such potentialities are fostered and encouraged, the results--well, they are such as to warn Florenz Ziegfeld and the rest of the Forty-second Street theatrical producers to keep a sharp eye, indeed, upon Macy's.
  • Some of the costumes looked as though they owed their inspiration to Bakst's designs for the Russian ballet--or perhaps Bakst obtained his ideas in Djokjakarta; others were strongly reminiscent of Louis XIV's era, of the courts of the great Indian princes, of the Ziegfeld Follies.
  • Yet I must admit that, when the anchor of the _Negros_ splashed into the blue waters off Boeleleng, on the northern coast of the island, and a boat's crew of white-clad Filipinos rowed me ashore, I half expected to find a Balinese edition of the Ziegfeld Follies chorus waiting to greet me with demonstrations of welcome and garlands of flowers.
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