Zigzagged In A Sentence

Definition of Zigzagged

simple past tense and past participle of zigzag

How To Use Zigzagged In A Sentence?

  • Beyond the river it zigzagged in a northeasterly direction through Eastchester.
  • Once in a while, to be sure, we zigzagged up a trifling ascent; but it was nothing.
  • I zigzagged the slopes; slipped over stones; leaped fissures and traversed yellow slides.
  • Bugles sang cheerily; mules, linked in fives, were being zigzagged frowardly down to water.
  • If the handlebars had once gotten out of his control they would have zigzagged wildly and the result would have been a bad fall.
  • He followed, admiring the strength and grace of her rounded figure as her horse zigzagged up the steep acclivity.
  • Very formally he bowed, a bow that hid the astonishment and the cynical humor which zigzagged across his handsome face.
  • But the pistol barked, and something white-hot zigzagged along his arm and bit like a flame into his shoulder.
  • So the happy bird zigzagged off into the dim shades of sheltering night, and we went on our way full of thought and sorrow.
  • She veered out of the thundering battle line and zigzagged easterly, in full flight from any enemy that she could almost drop down one of her smokestacks.
  • They zigzagged and twisted, as though their perpetrator were wandering at random and round and round, then lost themselves altogether in a sort of small ravine.
  • The trail was rough and wound up and down over rocky ridges, through tangles of swamp-alder and tamarack, but continually zigzagged up toward the hills.
  • Now there is this fine military road, so ingeniously graded and zigzagged that two-ton motor-trucks can now go with ease where before a donkey had difficulty in finding a footing.
  • The trail zigzagged gradually down, frequently doubling on itself; and whereas the eagle might have descended in a minute, it promised to be more like half an hour for them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Zigzagged | Zigzagged Sentence

  • It stopped there and zigzagged in every direction.
  • In careful gradation the trail zigzagged downward.
  • It zigzagged its way across the town from the gate.
  • During the next hour the steamer zigzagged considerably.
  • The main street zigzagged carelessly through a jumble of little houses.
  • Butterflies zigzagged past, and honey-laden bees sped by like express trains.

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