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  • I thought I would go and find Zip too.

How To Use Zip In A Sentence?

  • Paranoya was an emotional country, and liked its revolutions with a bit of zip to them.
  • An ugly scar across his temple told of the zip of a bullet or the crease of a knife.
  • This is a long elastic cord mounted on a kind of reel so that it will zip back in when you unplug it.
  • Fifteen years later, in 2002, 1.44 M is the standard disk and ZIP is the standard compression.
  • I yelled for my mother and she come in and said something and something went zip (waving arm violently to indicate direction) right out of that window.

Definition of Zip

(transitive) To close with a zip fastener. | (transitive, figuratively) To close as if with a zip fastener. | (transitive, computing) To compress (one or more computer files) into a single and often smaller file, especially one in the ZIP format.
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