Zoomed In A Sentence

How To Use Zoomed In A Sentence?

  • He pulled back the stick, the nose of the plane lifted, and he zoomed into the air.
  • And, braking all the while, they zoomed swiftly down upon the binary suns and their seven worlds.
  • Doolittle zoomed up, and there followed one of the prettiest dog fights that anyone there had ever seen.
  • When they tried to land, they knew definitely that she was nose-heavy, and zoomed into the air again to plan what they should do.
  • But she turned quickly and pointed the broomstick directly at Dorothy and zoomed towards her like a rocket.
  • Tweaty zoomed into the air without mishap as soon as Elephant's head went down in his bow.
  • For a moment, the Slav fire ceased, while their planes zoomed up to start another death-dealing dive.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Zoomed | Zoomed Sentence

  • As they zoomed down, people strolling about the streets looked up.
  • Suddenly, the witch zoomed upwards, high into the air, as if leaving.

Definition of Zoomed

simple past tense and past participle of zoom
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